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4xl clothing

4XL Clothing

4XL is one of our most purchased sizes and as such, we ensure that our selection of XXXXL clothing is suitable for all budgets and tastes. Whether you are looking for a new printed T-shirt, a pair of new jeans or want to add a new outfit to your wardrobe especially for that special event, Bigdude have a great range of garments available in 4XL so take a look at our extensive choice available at great prices.

XXXXL Shirts

At Bigdude, we are always adding to our selection of XXXXL shirts and try to offer a wide variety of styles in a range of different colours. Whether you are looking for a shirt in denim or 100% premium cotton, we have the perfect shirt that will make you feel great and look fantastic. Many shirts available are perfect for work, but if you are looking for a shirt perfect for a special occasion.

4XL Jumpers & Hoodies

At Bigdude, we don’t think there is anything better than a warm and comfortable hoody and that is why our options in 4XL are always being updated. Whether you are after a zipped hoody or simply a pull over design, we have both available so take your pick! Along with hoodies, we also have a great range of 4XL buttoned cardigans, warm jumpers great for layering and gilets if you are looking for something lighter than a coat. Our big jumpers and hoodies come in a variety of popular colours.

XXXXL Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are one of our most popular selling items here at Bigdude so we continually strive to ensure that we are fully stocked with 4XL options to fit all tastes and budgets. Plain polo shirts have always been a staple piece, but more and more bold pieces are starting to become more popular. We continually add new styles to this category, so always keep an eye out for new 4XL polo shirts.

Jackets & Coats in 4XL

Bigdude offer you a huge choice of 4XL jackets and coats and we are really proud of the range that we have to offer. Our XXXXL jackets and coats are on trend, fashionable and ideal for any conditions; all at unmissable prices. Whether you are looking for a light summer jacket, a thick winter coat or an all-round durable fleece Bigdude have a 4XL coat for you!

XXXXL T-Shirts

We have over 100 different styles of T-shirt available in size 4XL and this range is always expanding. Whether you are after a T-shirt with long sleeves, short sleeves, something plain or a patterned piece full of design, Bigdude have a great selection that is bound to have what you are looking for!

XXXXL Shorts

Bigdude have a great selection of shorts available in size 4XL, which cover all occasions. From bright and colourful swim shorts to smart chino walking shorts, the range is fantastic so you are sure to find a pair that you like. Our own brand Bigdude jogger shorts are one of our most popular pair of shorts and come in our most preferred range of colours grey, black and navy.

4XL Joggers

Everybody loves a pair of joggers and at Bigdude, we’re no different! Comfortable, practical and great for lounging in, joggers are a great piece and a must have for any man in their wardrobe. Onsite, we always ensure that we have a big selection of 4XL joggers and try to include a range of different styles and colours to suit all tastes.

XXXXL Underwear and Socks

Our selection of 4XL underwear covers a variety of styles including briefs, boxers and trunks, so no matter your preference, we have a great pair of underwear for you. Our price promise ensuring you get new 4XL underwear for the best price, check out our selection of underwear online today.

4XL Suits, Blazers & Waistcoats

We are really expanding our range of suits, blazers and waistcoats at Bigdude due to the success of our original £99 suits and love the quality and range of items we currently have available. Whether you are after a two-piece suit for everyday wear, a blazer to compliment a shirt you own, or a waistcoat to add that extra something to your outfit, take a look at our range online.